A puzzling Anax was caught in Kobe
A puzzling Anax
Figure 1. A hybrid Anax ?, Japanese name 'SUJI-BOSO-GIN-YAMMMA'. Kobe. Col. S.Nishu, Sep.3,1995.
A hybrid of two Anax species?

This Anax has a Japanese name, 'SUJI-BOSO-GIN-YAMMMA', which means the narrow-striped Anax. It has been believed that it is probably a hybrid individual of Anax parthenope julius x Anax nigrofasciatus nigrofasciatus. It has many characters intermediate between these two species. The character to distinguish it the most easily from the others is the thickness of stripes along humeral suture and second lateral suture: thicker in A. n. nigrofasciatus, thinner in A. parthenope julius, and intermediate in the Anax (see Figure 2). Nishu (1996) reported that the present material has more characters in A. n. nigrofasciatus than those in A. parthenope julius.

Figure 2. Lateral view of three kinds of Anax.

The first discovery of this type of Anax was a male individual collected by T. Miyazaki in Osaka on August 3, 1968, and was reported by Hiura (1968) as 'a puzzling Anax'. After that, this 'Anax' have been occasionally collected from various place in Japan.


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